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Hello! Welcome to my site! I just discouvered Neocities and it has sparked my nostalgia of the old internet from when I was a kid! This site will primarily host everything I find nostalgic from my childhood, so between the years of 1996/7 to 2005ish. I'll be adding more pages and content hopefully soon!
Thank you!



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May 12, 2024

About me finished! Now I need to figure what will be the next page...

May 8, 2024

Almost finished the homepage(I'm going to add maybe a few more things)! And now I've started working on the "about" page and added a guestbook(only to just find out it's gonna be discounitnued-ugh!).

May 5, 2024

It's been nearly 2 years since I last updated this poor neglected site of mine! I'm back to it now though! Changing and tweaking the layout every so slightly, then I'll be adding pages finally!